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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 29, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> now at eight: angry crowds storm stores across the country -- trying to find black friday bargains. but getting into big trouble in the process. >> here at home: protesters stage a rally outside one retailer.calling for a big change before the holidays. >> some people already avoiding the chaos and spending the day finding deals from home. >> it's a night of lights around the bay area. as christmas trees get the finishing touches. >> and a california teenager opens up for the first time when she is saved after falling off a mammoth cliff. you're going to want to hear what she has to say. >> "get back! until i walk out here!."
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>> now at 8-- chaos erupts. black friday is happening now -- and this year, it started earlier than ever. the quest for bargains wasn't always calm and peaceful -- punches were thrown in more than one store. no major incidents to report here around the bay area. but as you just say it was a different story for other shoppers around the country and retailers seem to think the drama is worth it. >> chaos as stores that opened and shoppers are stand. there were a lot of shoppers from pr to nasa dealt and some places it did get ugly. there were fist fights and n.c. a stabbing in virginia and a brawl in texas. it was even a shooting. a man trying to still a deal. stores opened
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early on but stibnite and wal-mart will come shoppers as early as 6:00 p.m.. they attracted 22 million people. macy's, toys are rows and best buy also opened early. reactions were mixed. maligne >> you do not know, it is fun. >> i would rather shop on thanksgiving. >> the zero earlier store hours paid off for some companies. >> the fact that 15 dozen people versus $11 and that were here last year at midnight is an indication that people want to be here. >> as for next year, those new powers seem to have paved the way for the new black friday normal. however, many people refused
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to set inside of one store. , and wal-mart. people were outside with demonstrations. >> people who refused to set foot inside the nation's largest retailer. walmart. hundreds of people gathered to protest at a walmart in san leandro. and the demonstrations led arrested. kron 4's j-r stone is in san leandro with what they're >> they were here for four hours and it was just before 5:00 p.m. that things were getting he did. >> police officers had tumbled bed after protesters in san leandro refused to get out of the street. this was outside of this corporate >> for livable wage, health care-stashed hundreds showed up at this rally. officers inform them that are arrest would be made. >> five people refuse to leave so those five were arrested pripet
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>> i want to respect, i worked for wal-mart. i want them to respect us more. >> respect was a part of reason madera upset with them because of the wages are too low and that most working here barely making is me. >> some of us are even struggling just where they can not even a 40 bandit to work. >> wal-mart stated that the average salaries for managers are about zero hundred and 70 a grand. the average wage is just below $13 an hour. this is my dilemma for those who were marching for red >> they want to be able to the patient would fall on their table and for their child care. >> in total five people were
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arrested outside of this wal-mart in san leandro. we saw all of these people were out here, keep in mind that a good majority of them were union workers. >> the bay area is not the only city were there are protests against walmart. in southern california. a man dressed as santa. joined protesters at a walmart in police say, he was one of 10 people arrested on misdemeanor charges for it is unclear how many of the protestors there. were actual walmart workers. >> and in roseville. near sacramento. police arrested 15 people following a protest at a walmart store. police say about 100 protestors marched to an intersection following a demonstration at the walmant. then blocked an intersection. and would not move. >> similar protests took place at walmart stores around the country. >> walmart's c-e-o responded today. defending the retail giant and the wages the
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company pays. >> "we pay in the top half of retail. our industry offers the opportunity for people to enter at really any life stage from 16 all the way to 76 if they would like to and then they work hard and they can build a career. entry level jobs are in our store. for people to grow into management and today over half of our folks make well-above the amount that's being requested. >> the walmart c-e-o also responded to criticism about the store being open yesterday on thanksgiving day. he said, wal-mart is a service industry just like hotels and airlines -- and when customers want to shop -- the store will be open. he also noted. walmart has been open on thanksgiving day since the mid-19- eighties. >> this adjust in the kron4 news room. a new report out of north career is providing information about merrill
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newman, here's the palo alto man accused of espionage for, what the government calls, his actions against north korea's, a career and more. now, the government says that he has confessed that he has done these alleged crimes that he has apologized. he was pulled off a plane in pyongyang and has been held by the north koreans for more than 30 days. according to another report, he wrote a full apology if november 9th which was published by the korean central news. >> a shooting in oakland this afternoon left one person seriously injured it happened around one- thirty p-m on fruitvale avenue near lynde street. the victim was taken to highland hospital in critical condition. >> a woman is a dead after
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she was struck by a truck on eastbound interstate 80 in san francisco early this morning. it happened around 5:03 p.m. near seventh street. if she was taken to sampras's coach in our hospital, where she later died. >> santa clara law enforcement is offering a special holiday gift. but only for those who have outstanding arrest warrents for minor offenses. it's called "operation second chance". because give individuals a chance to stay out of jail during the holidays. those who qualify have to check in with law enforcement and get a new date to appear in court next year. since the program began 7 years ago. 24-hundred people have taken advantage of having a second chance. linetoday is the deadline for the people living in an encampment on the east bay shores of albany. to move. the place is called the "albany bulb". and has been home to people who are homeless for years. kron 4's haaziq madyin checked in on the bulb today. he says even though a judge has ruled the residents have to go. it does not appear anyone is leaving. >>
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"i have been here for 7- years" >> amber whitson is one of the 50 people living in a make shift camp site here on the albany bulba 40 acre piece of land west of the eastshore fwyafter losing a legal court battle with the city over the right to remain on the propertybulb residents are now bracing for mass evictions at anytimebut whitson says not without a fight >> i am not going to lead to kick me out on the street. the police told us that it was okay for us to be here "for seven years" >> eric housted of share the bulb >> "huge failure" >> amber says not only are the trailers not a suitable replacement for living outdoors on the bulbshe says there is major problem with the portapotties housted says bulb residents anticipate previously used eviction tactics by the city of alabny align and this is the fourth
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bedroom, everyone can see when you use the bathroom. i do not even know how they expect us to go in there. >> she stated that residents have previously used these tactics. they have had police harassment. that is one thing that we are anticipating. we're going to a tried to have is more attractive spirit we're trying to empower them to resist this treatment. >> in alabany haaziq madyun >> a berkeley couple is making the effort to help give others a reason to be
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thankful this holiday season. kron4others are also workin alecia reid is at their home where they had a fundraiser banks giving in to help victims of the reason typhoon in the philippines. >> so far, they have raised a hundred and $50 to offset. there are places all over the world helping. they're educating them building schools, and that work with the community to try to understand original line they're hoping that their them continue this tradition. >> the holidays are in full swing tonight. the 24 and would christmas tree lighting ceremony took place just hours ago in san francisco's union square.
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the 83 ft. tree is a gift to the city from macy's. it is adored with more than 33,000 energy-efficient lights. an 1100 shining ornament. >> coming up on the kron 4 news. after falling down a cliff, a california teen is talking about how she survived the cold night. >> one couple has a warning for others on-line the one holiday shopping. their actions that led the team with a hefty fine. >> a police helicopter signs of roof of a popular pub in scotland. the latest details coming up.
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>> i was in getting ready to
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go all to an i heard a massive crash, first of all aim was to send it and a lot of screaming. >> developing tonight. rescue workers are on the scene of a horrible accident in scotland. officials said that numerous people were injured and others were trapped after a police helicopter slammed into the roof of a popular pub . officials say that fatalities are likely in the crash. police say, the chopper had a crew of three, two police officers and a civilian. >> a 15-year-old northern california girl is sharing details of her harrowing fall off a cliff. kate hackett has more on the teen's fighting spirit. and how she managed to survive. >> her temperature had
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dipped from the cold overnight. to just 70 degrees. nearly 30 degrees below normal. both gracie and her family say they are thankful she put up such a brave fight for her life. >> i was trying to get out of the bushes and i tumbled the rest of the way down. it came with a crushing impact. >> i had like five staples and it now. >> along with a fractured thumb, this 15 year-old fighter was not about to give up. she spotted a well- known landmark and tried to walk for help. >> i figured if i could get over here i could find someone to help me. by then, it was getting dark. it was starting to get really, really cold. i was wearing
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just a sweatpants and a tank top. i had a sweater but i had taken it off and rapid run my head because my head was bleeding. i figured that would help. >> she knew just how dire the situation was. so, she began to pray. >> this was the long this night i have ever had. >> she pleaded to be saved just one more time. >> at that point i was scared that no one was one define me. i thought i was not want to make it. >> then she spotted a bold. >> i called them. they stopped, one of them doub boat.
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>> i shouted, and they asked me if i needed help. >> they want her with towels and money director in a jacket. i just want to thank them. i really want to thank them. they basically, saved my life. >> three people were rescued from a vehicle that drove off the side of a cliff near san mateo. this is coast guard video of the rescue. early thursday morning. a vehicle with four people inside veered off the road and down a cliff near highway 92. one of the passengers was able to climb the cliff and call for help. when coast goard arrived. they hoisted the remaining three people to safety. their injuries are not known. >> we have been looking at a very nice shot over mount
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tam. it is a little breeze the outside. that is keeping most of the fall off shore as well. we have had a lot of traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. all in all it is a very clear evening. we have a spare the air day for tomorrow as well. there is no wood burning. >> also when sampras's go where seen things like the. will have a high of six is possibly some low 70's for saturday and sunday. there is a slight chance for rain for tuesday night and wednesday. >> the temperatures right now are at 56 degrees in san francisco and 50 degrees currently in santa rosa. 54 currently in oakland. check
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out below, it is not that much difference. 44 for san rafael and 47 for hayward. 42 will be your low for pleasanton. >> your afternoon highs for tomorrow we will see 65 for mountain view and 65 for redwood city. fremont will be as 66. we have a similar conditions, a 55 for castro valley. 63 for richmond and 64 for hayward. the north bay will be at 63 degrees. santa rosa will be as 65. we will reach 66 degrees for napa. >> the 7 day or around the bay shows a gorgeous weekend but a slight chance for rain for wednesday. it was also be cooler temperatures for monday.
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>> francisco international auto show is in the midst of its second day. the auto show held at the moscone convention center. features the world's major manufacturers displaying their latest cars, s-u-v, trucks and this weekend -- the auto show will be open from 10 a- >> still ahead-- an annual tradition. a look at the oak tree lighting in danville. >> a joyful kick off to the holiday season. there are great deals on line right now and i went on the web just to find the best kids. i will tell you what i found. >> coming up a sports and we have the warriors'. we have a shootout with the sharks are looking for their fourth straight win. i will have
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bill highlights for you coming up.n. i will have those highlights coming up for you. 5çwç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ççyçy5ç5çwç5ç5ç5ç
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>> hosting its annual event of the lighting of the old oak tree tonight. the tree lighting ceremony has become a tradition for families and the community. families gathered on diablo road around the town's landmark oak tree to light it. the historic tree is more than 350 years old. >> now at 8:30-- a chaotic
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>> still ahead on kron 4 news. a bishop goes undercover. he goes to teaches church a powerful lesson about kindness and compassion. >> a warning for on-line holiday shoppers. how one couple was fined for speaking their minds on- line. >> chaos on this black friday. shoppers storm stores across the united states to get their hands on holiday bargains. there are plenty of deals and to still be had. >> we will be right back.
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>> now what 8:30 p.m.. a
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chaotic scene in this black friday. shoppers stormed into stores across the united states to get their hands on the holiday bargains. you can see the people rushing in. at some stores, things got a violent. there were fist fights in north carolina, a stabbing in virginia and a brawl in texas. there was even a shooting in loss vegas. >> if you want to avoid the chaos and the waiting in long lines kron4 tech reports gabe slate finds the best deals for you on line. >> do not feel any regret or remorse for not getting out today or tomorrow to the stores. you are not missing out. i have been marching the deals all week long online. the deals on line or
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in the store are bought the same. i was at best buy as 6:00 p.m. when they open. there were is about 500 people rushing in. they did not need to be there because the deals on line are pretty much the same. a lot of them are offering you free shipping. they have great deals right now >> . i follow the web to try to find the best deals. here is a look as some of the highlights. >> amazon has this television for $479. this is top of the line. i just bought the same tv for $800, i should have waited. they even have this place station and bundle. they have this for $200. you cannot find the ps 4 because it is sold out. this is a good second chores. apple is offering you free shipping and they
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will give you give cards for purchases. one example is if you buy the new ipad you get a $75 gift card. best buy has the new ipad air for $50 on line. that is the best deal that you will find on that. they also have a laptop that comes with a 750 gig hard drive for $400. this is a cheap as you will find for this pripet ebay is not just an auction site they are a major reseller and they also had good sales. they have the nexus 7 tablet for $115. wal-mart has great deals on tv's. they have one for $400 and they also have a 32 in. for just $189. >> the deals are there on line and you do not need to go to the store. >> gabe slate, kron 4 news.
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tomorrow is small business saturday. it is part of a nationwide the event that is dedicated to supporting and celebrating small businesses. a busy front counter and a full store is just what goateed owners want. fiddlesticks, in san francisco hayes valley, sales of children's clothes, toys and books. that pride themselves on helping customers find the perfect present. >> people who may not shop black friday it shot batik because they find more set as find deals. >> this was launched by american express in 2010. it is designed for people to give local businesses. >> so far, no reports of shoppers in the bay area getting out of hand. at sun valley center in concord, security was ready just in
8:34 pm
case. with so many shoppers out looking for deals, the parking lot was packed. >> we have people on segues, patrol cars, and more surveillance and cameras. we want to make shoppers to feel more secure inside and outside of the facility. >> to stay safe, security officers say, do not be distracted by the crowds or by using your cell phone. if you are leaving purchases in your car, make sure they are out of view. >> a moment of truth is drawing near for the affordable care act website. saturday is the obama administration's deadline to get health care-dot-gov working properly for most users. jill dougherty reports. >> withering criticism of the initial rollout of healthcare-dot-gov has intensified the pressure on the administration to get this fix right for saturday. the white house hopes it can do that -- at least for the "vast majority" of users. >> "and this website is going to get fixed."
8:35 pm
>> healthcare-dot-gov opened and it's been a disastrous two months: the site crashed..unable to cope with people trying to sign up. small businesses still won't be able to use the site for another year insurance industry insiders tell cnn some customers' personal data is getting mangled. or even lost. the white house says the site will be able to handle 50-thousand users at one time. but they admit there will be times after saturday when healthcare-dot-gov does not function properly. and they're bracing for another possible huge surge in volume that could force some people into virtual waiting lines for call- backs. officials say consumers who pick a plan by december 23rd. and pay their premiums by december 31. will have coverage effective. the first of january. >> the president and first lady
8:36 pm
are throwing their support behind a group of immigration activists. who are fasting on the national mall. president obama and first lady michelle obama visited the group today. the "fast for families" protesters. have given up all food -- they are only drinking water -- in hopes of pressuring congress to pass new immigration reform laws. some house republicans have taken issue. with a senate- approved measure. that calls for an eventual pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently in the united states. house speaker john boehner has hinted. he will bring up immigration reform measures individually, rather than in a comprehensive bill. >> coming up. eight bishops and utah goes undercover to teaches church a powerful lesson about how to treat those who are less fortunate. >> one couple says, they are facing a nightmare
8:37 pm
situation after holiday shopping online. their actions and that ended in a hefty fine and a headache.
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>> it is now time for dine and dish. >> we are going to some restaurants are around the bay area. >> we love this place. let's get this stuff. >> this is pomegranate the salads. we have a little bit of eggplant. one of the main features is and the wood burning fire with lamb. >> he makes a maid, grated martini. they have confessed of sophisticated cocktails'. >> or if you decide to hang out with us. we want but wish you a happy and safe
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holiday. >> to find out more about these great place is just go to our website at >> up next--one couple has a warning for other online holiday shoppers. their actions that landed them with a hefty fine. >> here is a live look outside at san jose. we will talk about the weather coming up.
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>> a couple in salt lake city is facing a nightmare situation after doing what many us of do during the holidays -- shop online. they received a hefty fine and a hit on their credit score- because they posted a negative review more than 3 years ago about a website when their order never came in the mail. just recently the couple received an email from that same company stating they'd be fined 35 hundred dollars if the negative review wasn't taken down in 72 hours. >> "we were shocked that someone would attempt to do this, because it's ridiculous that anyone would turn around and try to extort us like this. "we don't want them to get away with this. we are apparently not the only ones that they have done this to but we are the only ones who are fighting back. and we're not giving up."
8:43 pm
>> the email cited a non- disparagement clause in the terms of use contract meaning that the couples acceptance of the sales contract prohibits them from taking any action that negatively impacts the company. now the palmer's say they're taking their fight to court. the better business bureau is also now getting involved with an investigation. >> a bishop in utah used a disguise to teach his church a powerful lesson about how to treat those who are less fortunate. jonelle merrill has the story. >> he was dirty, he was crippled, he was old, he had like a crutch, and he was mumbling to himself. >> jaimi larsen was in church at the taylorsville fourth ward last sunday when she saw a homeless man walk into the chapel. little did she know it was her bishop, david musselman, who had decided to use a disguise as the ultimate object lesson in charity. >> the main thing i was trying to get across was that we don't need to be so quick to judge.
8:44 pm
>> musselman says the idea to go under cover came to him one night and that's when he decided to call up his friend tara starling, a professional make-up artist, to help him with his make- under. >> he presented this idea to me and i said, "absolutely. when and where? let's do it." >> musselman said he got a lot of mixed reaction, most of it pleasant. however, one ward member did ask him to leave church property. but what he remembers most is the warm welcome he received from the children. >> i was impressed by the children. all of them. i could see in their eyes that they wanted to do more. and >> larsen said she watched from the chapel as musselman walked to the podium. his disguise so real she had no idea that he was about to reveal himself as their bishop. >> he quoted the song, "have i done any good in the world today?" >> after telling the audience what he was grateful for, musselman finally revealed his true identity and took off his disguise. larsen says a hush fell over the crowd. >> and then i started crying in shame because i didn't
8:45 pm
say hello to this man. i didn't offer him anything. i didn't feel like i had anything to offer him. >> musselman is touched by his ward members' actions, but he says it wasn't his goal to embarrass or make them feel ashamed. instead, he wanted them to remember to be kind to people from all walks of life, not just at the holidays, but all year long. >> we're still backed up at 880 overpass. we have an offshore breeze but however it was a fair day today and will be the same for tomorrow. otherwise we will have plenty of sunshine with the high of 60 is possible 70's. we have showers for tuesday night into wednesday. there is a very slight chance of that pripet right now, you could see the clear skies over the entire area of california. the morning low is not that low. 49 degrees for oakland and
8:46 pm
39 will be your morning low in napa. >> the afternoon high will be pretty nice at 59 degrees 66 degrees for sunnyvale and 56 for santa clara. 65 will be your hide for fremont. the rest of the east bay is looking okay. we're looking as 63 degrees for richmond. the north bay peninsula will be a 61 degrees. sampras's go have a high of 65 degrees. >> the kron 47 day or around the bay is going to be great for a lease 30 days we will see some seven is over the weekend. monday a little bit of sunshine but the clouds will start to a comeback. we have a chance of showers on wednesday.
8:47 pm
>> it will be cooler and it will last into the new year. this is cords to beat the new normal. >> in sports, san jose state quarterback david fales has a first half for the ages. >> the warriors' and under have another fantastic ending in overtime thriller. jason has the highlights and all the sports coming up. i love watching tv outside.
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>> time for sports. >> kevin durant and but under lost on a buzzer beater two weeks ago in oakland. tonight a little bit of payback. fantastic game from the start, brandt the two handed flesh off the turnover. durant 25 points, 13 rebounds. test for to the fourth quarter. stephen curry was filling it, the pump fake, then goes glass to put the warriors up by one. currey had 32 points, 11 rebounds, five assists.
8:51 pm
the game goes in overtime there are tied. the warriors up to with the winding down. >> the final score oklahoma city thunder was 113-1112.2. the warriors really struggled without the injured andre igoudala. they have not dropped five of their last six games. >> jason kidd after getting fined $50,000 for spilling his cups of soda in order to delay the game so his team could draw up a play, brooklyn as head coach and jason kidd realize that he look like a cheat and a liar. he probably should not have done that. >> it was a rough start to his coaching career, caught
8:52 pm
cheating, his nets and dropped to 4-12 after losing again tonight. >> an unbelievable offensive display in san jose as spartans quarterback david fales turned in one of the greatest first half's in college football history. fales.on senior day.looking to knock off undefeated and 16th ranked fresno state. for the first time since 1987 the spartans are now eligible for bowl. he threw for 519 yds and also added
8:53 pm
six touchdowns. >> 49ers head coach jim harbaugh says it's "all systems go" for wide receiver michael crabtree to make his season debut sunday against the rams. crabtree -- who tore his achilles about 7 months ago - isn't even listed on the injury report - >> good news for colin kaepernick.who has yet to find a reliable third target behind anquan boldin and vernon davis. back of kaepernick and a dominant defense the niners rolled the rams in st. back in week four.the beginning of a five game win streak for the niners. >> but the rams are hotscoring 80 points in their last two games so non-chance harbaugh is overlooking them. despite their 5-6 record >> ostensibly they have become explosive. they are completing their passes down the field and they're running game has been very effective. they are fast, they're a good football team. >> learned a few things from the raiders loss to dallas yesterday.
8:54 pm
first.the raiders still can't hold a lead.losing for the 5th time in games they've lead. second.matt mcgloin is a pretty good quarterback. and finally.for the 11th straight year oakland will not have a winning record. >> let's focus on the positive. in just his third start mcgloin picked apart what is admittedly a pretty awful cowboys defense especially in the second quarterin which he did most of his damage for the game he was 18-30 for 255 yards he did throw a crucial pick in end zone midway through the fourth with the raiders down seven. guy moving forward? i think as he did more and more healthy we will get the assets be able to see him work better. i think he has handled himself well in every game that he has been the starting quarterback. we have had opportunities to win those games.
8:55 pm
>> mcclymonds won the silver bowl which crowns oakland high school football champion. the warriors beat oakland high today 44-16 over 8 laney college. it is therefore destroyed oakland athletic league title. >> the sharks are heating up again. what brent burns leading the way today. they will host anaheim tomorrow night. they have won four straight games. >>
8:56 pm
>> they said a little bit of money and while their rotation is looking good. the newly acquired tim hudson and finally we have him and no. 5. >> we have a great golf shot from of australia opening. richard greene of hundred and 57 yds out in part 3. this was a key shot. he is in third place at 900 parked behind adam scott. >> we have a new show coming up on thursday and gary radnich will host a pripet we will have stephen curry on the first row.
8:57 pm
>> in the meantime stay connected on >> have a good evening.
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